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E-XD++ Visualization Enterprise Suite is the flagship product of UCanCode, providing world’s leading VC++ and .NET visualization components for HMI & SCADA, PLC, CAD, GIS, BPMN, CNC, power systems, railway signaling, dynamic graphics and many more. Renowned for incredibly rich graphics, E-XD++ helps thousands of developers building flowchart/diagram applications that offer unparalleled functionality. (Screenshots of sample applications built on E-XD++)

E-XD++ Full Evaluation Kit includes demo projects and solutions, with full C++ source code of them included. It also ships with all C++ .h header files of E-XD++ core library, plus UCanCode development tools, like Symbol ShapeDesigner, Diagram Editor, Class Wizard, New Project Wizard, etc. Try E-XD++ Evaluation Kits for free now and see how easy it is to build modeling, simulation and visualization applications with E-XD++!

Why you should choose UCanCode products?
An overview of UCanCode products:

Why E-XD++ Enterprise Suite?

  • The only visualization components that provides FULL enterprise-level VC++/.NET source code to clients.
  • Chosen by many Fortune Global 500 companies including Microsoft, Intel, IBM, AT&T, Time Warner, Samsung, Siemens, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, LG and Alstom.
  • Chosen by many US companies and institutions including EMC, Qualcomm and UCLA.
  • No royalty fee or runtime fee.
  • 5 times Gold Medal winner in the 10th (2006), 13th (2009), 14th (2010), 15th (2011) and 16th (2012) China International Software Expo.

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  Screenshots: Applications built on E-XD++ Visualization Enterprise Suite.

  Product Tour: E-XD++ Visualization Enterprise Suite walkthrough.

  Product Tour: UCanCode Draw OCX Enterprise Edition walkthrough.

Our Customers

Microsoft  Intel  IBM  AT&T  Time Warner  Samsung  Siemens  Hyundai  Mitsubishi  LG Corp.  Alstom  EMC  Qualcomm  UCLA

and many more ...